BBwaffle Soft Elastic for Trunks
BBwaffle for Trunks
BBwaffle® Elastic for Trunks has realized breathability by the vertical concave between every bulky part. It prevents the inside of the trunks from becoming humid and is suitable for trunks, taking advantages of the best feature of BBwaffle®.

● Smooth and soft elastic with no tension
● Smooth texture
● Long-lasting effect after repeated washing
BBwaffle for Trunks
It enhances breathability, makes comfort, and reduces heat and humidity!
[Elastic base]

The elastic base causing allergy is placed on the outer side of the convex, in order not to make it touch the skin directly.

[Convex part]

The convex part consists of thread loops with air layers, which makes it quick-drying and smooth in texture.
BBwaffle for Trunks

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